How grateful I am for the life I've been given. Every single step

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How grateful I am for the life Ive been given. Every single step
How grateful I am for the life I've been given. Every single step I've taken has been mine. My choice. I own them. It is not wise to have a disregard or shame of the steps we've taken in life to get us where we are today. Here. Now. Steps that led to the slow awakening from the maiden to the mother. Places we've seen that we may wish to forget. People we left in state of dismay. Our hearts on our sleeves, and plunges into the deep. Even when it all seemed clear and safe, in turn, ended in perpetual fear. These were all the markers placed by our choices, to steer through life in which way we pleased. Turmoil and distrust. Harmony and peace. Chaos and Frenzy. A whirlwind of slow and fast paces to guide our soul to the place we are now. To let go of those pains and hold onto the happy. To look forward to the future with a wise heart and memories to fill every dark space. To allow our choices to set us free from what does not serve us. The lessons we could/should of learnt so we could allow our growth to infinitely flourish with this conscious earth. Times where we stopped. Halted our hearts eye and looked with fear. Crevices and journeys into the underground. All for what. For the choice, to continue down through despair or spiral upward with light. Many-a-times we've met together here. This plane is for us. For our hearts again. To set ourselves free and to love others along the way️ My love to each of your hearts eye, today and everyday -rambles from my heart

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